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released April 16, 2012





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Track Name: Lost
What are we entitled to expect? All hopes are dead, we saw them bleed. The glory days never existed. Realize the facts. We are the dancers at the world’s funeral. At the end of the line. This is the abyss of our lives. Generation lost, Generation nothing to lose, nothing to look up to. Generation next. Next thrill. Next round. Next hype. Generation bored. Generation innocence lost, before we even fucking had it. Cold looks from cold eyes. Nothing to win, no first price. The irony of our lives, the only fight is to survive.
Track Name: Farewell Note
goodbye to you
mom and dad,
brothers and sisters
with all my love

I'm heading north
seeking for this hope
the better life
we all have been told

I will take the rocky road,
pass along the old bridge,
through the forest, through the desert
hey mom, I will see the ocean

the sun will guide my way
the rain will wash away my tracks
not resting a single moment
not resting, always on the run

my dears, I've be so close
just a few more miles to go
vultures circling
but these old boots won't let me down

I can smell the ocean
the ferry man, gave him all I've got
crowed boat, strung out bodies, hungry faces

but I can see this shine
this shine in their eyes
we share all the same dreams

it's raining, a storm is coming in
the waves are growing higher
any other place,
any other place but this

a voice is yelling
get the fuck up
not resting
always on the run

beneath barbed wires
over concrete walls
the sun will guide my way
the rain will wash away my tracks
a soldier screams:
"down on your knees,
hands on the back“
don't worry mom
now I know
I have found the promised land.
Track Name: Amy Wnhs
Another great night. Let's toss the fucking coin. Ready for next round? Ready for the final fight? Three more days without sleep. Three more days until your last fucking breath. Cold skin, dead eyes, broken teeth. You're just an empty shell.Got the one way ticket. Dead man walking. Any last words? just another hit. The golden shot. Your story's been told. There is no excuse, for what you've done. You sold your soul. All your chances are gone. Always wanted to be a winner. Thought you've found the key for the bright side of life. You never read the leaflet for your magic medicine. It's just one of your last coffin nails. Let's toss the fucking coin one last time. You lost your stake, cause I choose life.
Track Name: The Last Summer
I want to scream, sing and shout to these songs, we've been listening a million times. They gave me more than one good reason to avoid, to hide from the first morning lights, from this lie called life. I don't wanna grow up, I don't wanna make a choice, the lesser evil, there is no right, there are only wrongs. We have to take responsibility for the rest of our lives? Are you fucking kidding me? And now I have to set on fire everything I loved? And now I have to set on fire everything I ever fucking loved? I want to choose the right not to choose. I don't want this summer's end. This is the last summer of our lives. This is the last summer of our youth. This is the last summer of my life.